Grim Reaper Death Sickle Accessory Promotions

Grim Reaper Death Sickle Accessory Promotions
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Tools of the trade

The reaper is a busy guy. Not only does he have to travel all over tarnation to pick up expired souls, he's got to do it in a long, tattered robe. If you've ever had a day full of errands? You've got to pick up a pile of dry cleaning while dropping off kids at play practice and soccer and find time to get the week's groceries while you're in town. That's difficult. But imagine that's every day and instead of groceries, you're picking up reluctant souls that don't want to go with you. In fact, they'll play tricks on you to get away. Even though you're simply doing your job. Plus, you've got to wear a tattered floor-length robe and an oversized hood that covers your eyes. What's our point? We just don't know how the poor grim reaper does it!

Product Details & Design

This fine sickle is Made-By-Us to pair with any reaper costume to our dramatic, Halloweeny standards. The long staff of the sickle allows you to point the molded plastic blade at friends in a solemn manner as if they're next.

Dead End

So if you're ready to embrace your doomsday side, you're sure to love the drama of this sickle. Whether you pair it with our reaper costumes or it stands as your only costume piece, everyone is sure to take more care with their mortal bodies when they're in your presence!

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