Gun and Grenade Set Promotions

Gun and Grenade Set Promotions
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The Imaginary Baddies

When you're fighting imaginary bad guys, you need the best in toy weaponry. After all, when you're facing off against pretend aliens and ninjas, you don't want to be caught just doing the "finger guns" move. This isn't amateur hour here! This is real life... er, well. It's pretend, but still! You need to present an intimidating presence if you want to catch those illusionary baddies off guard... and the finger guns move? Well, they'll just snicker at you.

Yes, you need some toy weaponry if you're going to fight against the imaginary forces of evil! You're going to need this Gun and Grenade Set to battle it out!

Product Details

This toy Gun and Grenade Set will help you make short work out of imagined bad guys. It comes with a toy gun made out of molded plastic. The toy resembles a real gun, except for the bright orange barrel cap to send a clear signal to real folks that it's a toy. The grenade is designed to look like a pineapple grenade and is also made out of molded plastic. Each toy weapon makes sound effects and both require batteries to operate (see features for more information). Just pair it up with any of our military costumes for one tough look!

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