Half Muzzle Zombie Mask Promotions

Half Muzzle Zombie Mask Promotions
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Three Square Brains A Day

Grotesque? Check. Terrifying? Check. Easy to put on? Check. This Zombie Muzzle will make for a perfect addition to your zombie costume this Halloween. With a little makeover on the top half of your face and some bloodstained, torn-up clothing, this accessory will give you the most horrifying zombie costume. You may look like you just got done feasting on one supersized meal but, as you know, a zombie’s appetite can never be satisfied. You’ll have tons of fun picking out your next “meals” throughout the night. Give each victim a good scare when you pop out from around the corner wearing this gruesome half mask and mumbling “BrAaiNs!”

Product Details

This half mask is made of latex. It is molded to look like the lower half of a bloodied-up zombie face. The nose looks like it was either bit off or it rotted off. The cheeks on down to the chin also appear to have been bit or rotted off. There are no lips and the teeth would give a dentist the chills. There are bands attached to the latex mask that will go around your ears and one around your neck to keep it securely around your face all night.

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