Halloween Skull & Bones Backpack Promotions

Halloween Skull & Bones Backpack Promotions
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Stash Your stuff

So, yawr! Halloween is here and you need to stash your stuff quick. And that means you've raided our accessories section and secured yourself quite the plunder to go along with your pirate costume. You've got a plastic sword, a prop pistol, and even a couple of bags of faux coins. So, what are ya gonna stash it in? Well, we've got you covered there, too. Just grab this Halloween Skull & Bones Backpack, and you'll be able to keep your pirate gear handy all night long!

Product Details

This Halloween Skull & Bones Backpack measures 14" wide by 17" tall and has an orange drawstring closure. It has a printed Jolly Roger skull and crossbones theme over a spooky spider web background. Recommended for ages 8 and up, whether for accessories or for trick-or-treat candy, this sack is ready for action!

For candy plunder, too!

Your kid might be trying their first time as a famous pirate captain, but we're sure they're going to want to secure plenty of trick-or-treat candy as their precious plunder! Use this Skull & Bones Backpack, and they'll have the perfect complement to their pirate costume theme. Be sure to shop our entire selection of Halloween Essentials, for both kids and adults we've got all the necessities covered!

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