Handheld Paw Patrol Projector Flashlight Promotions

Handheld Paw Patrol Projector Flashlight Promotions
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Neato Tools!

All of the Paw Patrol pups have some neato tools! Chase always has the winch and his megaphone ready. You can always count on Marshall to have his ladder and fire extinguisher on hand. Skye can use her helicopter to get animals in trouble and Rocky has tons of cool stuff inside his truck. Zuma? Well, he has a hovercraft... which doesn't always prove that useful, but boy is it cool! Shouldn't your child have a cool gadget too if they're going to join the Paw Patrol on the next rescue mission?

Well, now your child can light up the dark with this Handheld Paw Patrol Projector Flashlight!

Product Details

Based on your toddler's favorite cartoon show, this flashlight is not only useful, but also doubles as a great toy for any fan. The flashlight has images of the Paw Patrol gang on the side, including Chase, Zuma, and Marshall. A quick flip of the switch and the light will project a paw pattern onto any surface you point it at. It requires 3 AAA batteries to operate and makes for the perfect accessory to bring while trick or treating.

A Light for the Night

If your child can't get enough Par Patrol, then they're going to love having this flashlight on hand! It works as a great light to play with at night and as a trick or treater's best tool!