Happy Halloween Party Cup Promotions

Happy Halloween Party Cup Promotions
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Signs of Halloween

Can you feel it? That magical day is slowly approaching! Soon, sweet treats will fill your candy bowls. Little toy bats will adorn the ceiling. Fake spider-webs will dangle from the walls. Kids dressed as goblins, ghouls, and probably superheroes, will be parading down the street. The sounds of "trick or treat" will be ringing through the air!

Yes, Halloween, also known as the best holiday of the year, is almost upon us and it's time to celebrate! So, go ahead and throw you a glass in the air and make a toast the holiday dedicated to ghosts and scares! Just make sure that you bring your festive cup, like this Happy Halloween party cup.

Product Details

This festive cup is made of molded hard plastic. It holds approximately 20 oz. of your favorite cold beverage (not recommended for hot drinks). It has a printed design on the exterior which has stylized lettering and a small witch's hat near the bottom. It even has little ghosts and pumpkins on it.

Witch's Brew for You

You don't have to drink your witch's brew or fruit punch out of a normal cup ever again! This Happy Halloween cup can help you drink with true Halloween style this year!