Harley Quinn Adult Sleeved Throw - Women's

Harley Quinn Adult Sleeved Throw - Women's
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The Life of a Villain

Superheroes (and supervillains) have pretty action-packed days. But as for their nights? Well, they like to put up their feet and watch some Netflix, just like the rest of us! You can feel like one of DC's ultimate supervillains when you get this Harley Quinn Comfy Throw. It's fully printed with character graphics of Harley's classic comic book costume. And since it's got sleeves, you can be sure it's going to be extra comfy!

And, you never even know what might just happen when you put on this Comfy Throw after a long day. Sure, you might have a quiet night watching your favorite DC Extended Universe movies, but, there's always the chance something slightly more exciting might happen. Batman might come to try and foil your plans, or The Joker could stop by to recruit you for his next big scheme. That's the life of a villain like Harley Quinn, after all!

Product Details

DC Comics officially licensed, this Harley Quinn Comfy Throw comes to us from The Northwest Company. The throw measures about 48" x 71" and is designed to fit most adults. With sleeves! That's right, the signature feature on Comfy Throws are sleeves and signature prints. Made of super soft 100% polyester microfiber fleece, this Harley Quinn Throw has got the comic book style and the comfort you're looking for.

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