Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Molded Bat Promotions

Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Molded Bat Promotions
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Old Fashioned Gal

Harley doesn't need fancy gadgets. She doesn't need fancy martial arts training. She doesn't even need any crazy ninja skills. Batman has to walk around Gotham wearing a utility belt full of weird gadgets just to battle it out with the criminals of Gotham City (we sort of think Batman might be compensating for something by bringing all those weird tools to the fight)! All Harley Quinn needs to get the job done is a good ol' fashioned baseball bat and a little bit of attitude.

Well, if you have the attitude and you're already rocking the Harley Quinn vibes, then the only thing you need to finish it out is this Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Molded Bat!

Product Details

This toy baseball bat is officially licensed from Birds of Prey (and the fantabulous emancipation of one Harley Quinn). The prop bat is designed to look like Harley's favorite weapon and it even has authentic details on the sides. It has "Good Night" along the side, as well as various phrases written on the side. You can carry it around to intimidate the thugs of Gotham City, or use it to complete your Harley Quinn cosplay outfit.

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