Harry Potter Adult Ravenclaw Skirt Promotions

Harry Potter Adult Ravenclaw Skirt Promotions
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Smart Move

Hey, brainiac! It looks like you have decided to pick up this Adult Harry Potter Ravenclaw Skirt to complete your Hogwarts uniform this Halloween. That's a smart move, not that a Ravenclaw like you needs a muggle telling them that!

If you're a Ravenclaw (and you know you are, you've taken every quiz on the internet!), then you know the importance of looking sharp and on your toes, always ready to be wise, witty, and to ace any challenge, in school or in life. That's why you didn't even break a sweat when Halloween rolled around—you knew exactly what you wanted your costume to be, and how to pull it off. Clever, cool, calm, collected—that's you, Ravenclaw, to a T-alon! Get it, eagle talon? Well, we guess we're not as witty as you, it seems!

Product Details

This officially licensed skirt features a Hogwarts-approved Ravenclaw patch sewn onto the top. The pleats in the front reveal pops of Ravenclaw's color—blue—besides the silver-gray base. Pair it with a Ravenclaw tie or your house robes and you'll look ready for Charms class, lunch in the Great Hall, or even some muggle-approved trick-or-treating fun in your neighborhood!

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