Harry Potter Adult Slytherin Skirt - Women's

Harry Potter Adult Slytherin Skirt - Women's
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Saavy or Salacious?

Sure, there are a few bad eggs that came out of Slytherin, like Draco Malfoy. But what's so wrong with being cunning? Slytherins notice opportunities and snatches them for themselves!

Do you have a Slytherin side? For instance, say you had a heavy caseload of homework and you forgot to write an essay for Defense Against the Dark Arts, and happened upon the Room of Requirement, which had a variety of well-written scrolls on Unforgivable Curses. You'd take the scroll of your choice to class with you, wouldn't you? Slytherins aren't afraid to climb their way to the top, even if they end up there alone! Slip into this Slytherin skirt and you'll be ready to take your part in the most cunning of houses.

Product Details

The Hogwarts uniforms are rather dignified. This officially licensed pleated Slytherin skirt has green striped sections and a Slytherin shield on the hip. It pairs perfectly with a variety of Hogwarts accessories. From sweaters to ties and knee-high socks, you have quite a few choices when it comes to creating the perfect Hogwarts ensemble. A classic style that Wizarding World will instantly recognize, this costume can be used for Halloween and during school literacy events. Have pride in your Slytherin interests with this lovely pleated skirt!