Harry Potter Deluxe Light Up Voldemort Wand Promotions

Harry Potter Deluxe Light Up Voldemort Wand Promotions
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A Dastardly Villain's Tool

Wands tend to reflect the will of their user. Or perhaps more correctly, wands tend to only choose a master who's will aligns with their own. That's why Hermione Granger's wand has a benevolent and elegant construction and it's Severus Snape's wand looks ornate and controlled. Sirius Black's wand has a wise, yet cryptic look and Albus Dumbledore has a magnificent one. And, of course, a villainous dark wizard like Lord Voldemort needs to have an especially vicious wand!

Product Details

In the Harry Potter films, his wand is crafted from a phoenix feather core and yew. This Harry Potter Deluxe Light Up Voldemort Wand may not be made of the same magical materials, but it looks every bit as vicious as the one used by the one and only villain from the series. The replica wand features plenty of great details, like a sculpted, bone-like shape with a clawed handle. It also lights up with the press of a button, to help you look like a master wizard. Just add it to your Voldemort costume to complete your transformation into a dark wizard or use it to roleplay as the new dark wizard on the block.

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