Harry Potter Harry's Wand Promotions

Harry Potter Harry's Wand Promotions
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Muggle Imagination

We can admit it. We're muggles. We're not happy about that fact, but we just don't have a single magical bone in our body. That hasn't stopped us from daydreaming about being a wizard though. We've spent WAAAAAY too much time imagining what it'd be like to get an acceptance letter from Hogwarts. We've pondered which House the Sorting Hat would send us to (we think we're Hufflepuff... or maybe Gryffindor). And we've definitely waved around a ballpoint pen or two, pretending that they were a wand freshly crafted from Olivander's Wand Shop. Well, the good news is that even though we're muggles, through and through, we can still feel like wizards with this officially licensed Harry Potter Wand!

Product Details

This simple wand might not be magical, but it's inspired by the one wielded by Harry Potter in all of the films. It's made out of molded plastic (sorry, no phoenix feather core here), but it comes with tons of intricate details. The handle looks like wood and it fits comfortably in any muggle's hand! You can use this to complete your Harry Potter cosplay costume or just wield it to make you feel a little more like a wizard from Hogwarts.

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