Harry Potter: Hufflepuff Adult Skirt - Women's

Harry Potter: Hufflepuff Adult Skirt - Women's
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The Happy Hufflepuff

There might be houses that are known for their bravery or smarts, but we think the Hufflepuff life is the happiest. Hufflepuff students are down to earth. Their common room is tucked right next to the kitchens. Many windows let the sun shine in for the many houseplants hung on the walls by Professor Sprout. This house is all about the simple things in life. Growing things and good food. Ready to embrace your cozy Hogwarts side? Start with the basic uniform staple. This Hogwarts skirt is sure to set you off in the right direction!

Product Details

A Hogwarts uniform has a few elements and variations, but you can be sure a classic pleated skirt is an important part of most witch's wardrobes. This skirt is a soft gray with golden Hufflepuff accents set into the pleats. The flat band has elastic built-in, so you can tuck in your shirt and stay comfortable at the same time. A shield featuring the Hufflepuff badger is printed on the hip, so people will instantly know where your loyalties lie.

House is where the Home is

We all fit into one Hogwarts house or another. If you're looking to team up with more witches and wizards, check out the rest of our Harry Potter costumes. All the houses are represented and we're sure everyone will find the uniform for them. Getting the houses together is great for parties, school spirit days, and costumed events. After all, we're sure Gryffindor and Slytherin have learned to get along by now!

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