Harry Potter | MACUSA Pendant Pin Promotions

Harry Potter | MACUSA Pendant Pin Promotions
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Magical Addition

Luck is a magical feeling! We want you to harness it like a renown Auror. When you're arguing with other Aurors in the halls of MACUSA or just chasing down a cab to get home after a long day, it helps to have a token of good luck. It can't hurt, at least! Just imagine... one minute you're about to nab a pesky Niffler that has been stealing all your snacks, or you finished your daily investigations at 5 PM but couldn't get a cab to acknowledge your presence until 5:45 PM, or you play Paper-Rock-Scissors for the lunch tab... We would be a bit more optimistic in these scenarios with a rabbit's foot, or a four-leaf clover, or something, right?

Product Details

Well, we have it on good authority that this officially licensed MACUSA Pendant Pin could boost your luck! It's a Zinc alloy pendant that fits most and comes with a 24-inch matching chain that fits most. And because it is officially licensed you can worry less about finding a cab and more about where to allocate your daily allowance of extra luck! Don't forget whose idea it was when you finally nab that Niffler.

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