Harry Potter Slytherin Arm Party Bracelet Set Promotions

Harry Potter Slytherin Arm Party Bracelet Set Promotions
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Proud Ambitions

As a Slytherin, you’re more than happy to display the noble house’s proud legacy (even though some see that legacy differently). However, when you’re meandering your way through muggle streets or presenting yourself at a formal occasion, it’s important not to be too boastful about your Slytherin membership. Of course, you’re very resourceful and have already come across this set of Slytherin bracelets, so we can assume you’ve come looking for ways to display your house pride in a subtle and sophisticated way.

Product Details

With this Slytherin Arm Party Bracelet Set you can add your Slytherin pride to any outfit! Featuring 4 unique bands, you can mix and match to create different and appropriate combinations for every occasion. A faux leather wrap bracelet offers a strong but cool look. Two distinct silver bangles are perfect for bringing some shine to your outfit while keeping the Slytherin serpent on display. A final green beaded bracelet with a Hogwarts crest is perfect for any occasion that may warrant more subtlety. But, no matter how you pair these accessories, no one will question your Slytherin status.

Stylish Serpent

Take pride in your Slytherin sorting with these Harry Potter bracelets! Whether you mix and match, wear all 4 or share with a fellow Slytherin, this versatile and stylish accessory is a must-have for every sly Slytherin!