Harry Potter Toddler Hufflepuff Costume Promotions

Harry Potter Toddler Hufflepuff Costume Promotions

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Gold in the Green

While other houses might be famous for their pride or bravery, there's no house we'd rather be in than Hufflepuff! It's the house where the laid-back wizards go. The house where if you want to learn about the magic properties of a wizarding garden or mix up the perfect self-swirling spaghetti, you'll feel right at home. There are so many magical plants out there and so many wizards in other houses are completely oblivious. The Hufflepuff social circles know to conquer their teen blemishes with Bubotuber puss and dose their pets with Shrivelfigs if they want to bring Fluffy to class with them. Basically, Hufflepuffs are from a line of garden witches, those magic ancestors that have been spreading love and health to muggle villages for centuries. What's our point? If your kids been sorted to the gold then they're in the green!

Product Details

This cozy costume is the perfect piece to wear for trick-or-treating as well as playing pretend. The soft texture makes this costume perfect for chilly October weather. It has a vest that secures up the front and has a yellow tie to make your child's uniform complete. The robe also has a Hufflepuff shield to make sure folks know that they're proud to be a Hufflepuff!

That Magic Moment

Your kiddo is sure to have a great time whipping up spells and pretending to ride their brooms around the yard. Take adorable photos of them searching for Mandrake root in the garden or charming your household snake plant. Whether you're celebrating World Book Day or heading to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in person, your child will absolutely love rocking their Hufflepuff garb. Once they slip into this ensemble and get a wand in their hand, they're sure to feel amazingly magical!

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