Hogwarts House Emblem Constellations-Knit Hat Promotions

Hogwarts House Emblem Constellations-Knit Hat Promotions
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Fantastic Fiction Fruition

You take your Harry Potter fanfiction very seriously. No two characters are alike, and the storylines can always fit into the world without disrupting canon. But the best part is that you always have a new Harry Potter character to dress as for conventions, theme park visits, and Halloween. You just need to find the right accessories to bring your original character to life. Luckily, you found us, and we have the Harry Potter accessories and costumes to make all your fantastic fictions become a reality!

Product Description

Your newest character might be a Divination prodigy. Perhaps they spend even the coldest nights in the Astronomy Tower at Hogwarts school reading the stars. Or maybe they never settled on which Hogwarts House truly suits them. Whichever rings true, this Hogwarts House Emblem Constellation Knit Hat is a must-have! Set against a dark black background and surrounded by stars, each Hogwarts house symbol pops in a rainbow of colors reminiscent of distant galaxies. Meanwhile, the thick knit cap with an 18-inch to 24-inch circumference is perfect for keeping your head warm whether you’re trick-or-treating or studying the night sky.

Holistically Hogwarts

Bring all your Harry Potter dreams to life with this officially licensed Hogwarts House Emblem Constellation Kit. Featuring all four Houses in cosmic colors against a simple black background, this hat is the perfect addition to any muggle or wizard wardrobe!

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