Horse Lord Warrior Arm & Wrist Guard 3-Piece Set Promotions

Horse Lord Warrior Arm & Wrist Guard 3-Piece Set Promotions
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Heavy is the Head that Wears the Long Braid

Holding leadership in a horse-mounted warrior race is one tough gig! It's not only about the intense blisters you're bound to get on your inner thighs while riding bareback in the hot sun all day. No, it's about all the intense machismo that's getting knocked about day and night. These guys never let their guard down. They're always looking to chow down on raw meat and proof their strength by fighting with swords and throwing tree trunks around to show off their oily shoulder boulders. Yep, telling these guys what to do ain't no walk in the park.

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If you really want to show those steed swains who the boss is then you'll have to rock the right accessories. These faux suede gauntlets are laced through brassy eyelets. You'll even get a faux suede band for your bicep to keep your hard-earned muscles safe.

Horse Lord

You're sure to feel like the king of all steeds when you've got the right accessories. Whether you've been riding the grasslands of Mongolia for months in order to prepare for the role or you're simply dressing up the night of the costumed event, becoming the horse king is all about what you're wearing. So, go out there and get your warrior on, man!