I Am Mrs Potato Head Women's T-Shirt Promotions

I Am Mrs Potato Head Women's T-Shirt Promotions
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Being a Couch Potato

You've heard of the phrase "couch potato" right? Some people think that's a negative. Us? Well, we kind of like it! Why? Well, we happen to like sitting on the couch because it's the most comfortable piece of furniture in the house and Mrs. Potato Head is our favorite character from the Toy Story movies. If you call us a couch potato... well, we happen to think it's a compliment!

So, what do you think? Do you want to be a potato too? Then this I Am Mrs. Potato Head Women's T-Shirt is the best way to do it! With a comfortable design that's perfect as a costume, or as a piece of casual wear, it's an easy choice for any fan.

Product Details

This Mrs. Potato Head themed shirt is a women's crew neck shirt that's made out of 100% cotton for a comfortable feel. It's officially licensed from the iconic Disney Pixar movies and it even has Mrs. Potato Head's face printed onto the front of it. Just toss it on with a pair of jeans and you have a quick and easy way to dress up as your favorite character from the film.

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