Indoor Bow and Arrow Set Promotions

Indoor Bow and Arrow Set Promotions
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Hood to Heroes

It still hasn't happened! You'd think that with the huge technological advances, the bow and arrow would be completely obsolete, but it keeps showing up. From the days of Sir Robin Hood to now, when every comic book publisher has a bow-wielding superhero, the bow has remained an iconic tool of brave warriors across time. Perhaps your child could become the next hero archer! Of course, they'll need to practice their archery skills and this Indoor Bow and Arrow Set is the perfect way to get your little one started!

Product Details

This archery set comes with everything your child needs to practice their archery skills! It comes with a plastic bow with an adjustable tension cord. It features a custom handle design and a built-in stability changer to help your child get comfortable using the bow. It comes with 3 practice arrows with suction cup tips and a practice target. Just set the target up and you can begin the archery training with your child in no time!

Taking the Shot Against Villainy!

This toy bow is a great way to get your child interested in archery, but it also makes for the perfect prop for aspiring superheroes and Renaissance-style rangers! Just add it to their Robin Hood or superhero costume to make them feel tough enough to take on any villain!

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