Infant Adorable Devil Costume Promotions

Infant Adorable Devil Costume Promotions

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Dante didn't cover this

This is a strange level of hell. Honestly, we're not even sure if it's hell. It's more like a bittersweet, very cute, and a stressful part of purgatory. Where ever you're at right now, it's a little ironic that everyone called your newborn an angel when they first met your child. You got it. Your baby had all the cherubic attributes such as big eyes, chubby cheeks, and those adorable dimpled hands. But there's nothing angelic about getting woken up every twenty minutes for endless feeding. There's something a little nefarious about your child spitting up on your last clean workshirt right before an important meeting. And you can't help being a little suspicious about the timing of those emergency diaper changes. Having one the moment the water starts to boil and your phone rings? Hmm, doesn't seem very angelic to us!

Product Details & Design

Your little one will look delightful and just a little bit impish in this Made by Us costume. The jumpsuit has a super soft surface to make this costume nap-friendly for when your little one is taking a break from trouble-making. It's easy for your little one to transform with a zipper up the front. A sweet hood tops off the jumpsuit with a widow's peak cut, folded ears, and stuffed black horns. The jumpsuit has attached black and red wings, a horned tail, and hooves on the feet to make your kiddo's look complete.

A Bottle for Beezlebub

While your little one might have a devilish side when you're taking care of your kiddo, it all is worth it when your little one is sipping on a bottle in your arms. Want to make your little one feel at home during Halloween this year? The whole family can dress up as angels and demons. We have all sorts of sizes and styles for children and adults, if your little one is going to stir up trouble you might as well be there with that naughty cutie!

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