Infant Anne Geddes Bunny Costume Promotions

Infant Anne Geddes Bunny Costume Promotions

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You've always known your little one could be an Anne Geddes baby. She's cute. She's lovable. She's got personality. And she leaves an impression on everyone who meets her, wherever she goes. So why not let the rest of the world know it, too? Geddes' pictures of sleeping infants in offbeat settings (like the inside of pumpkin gourds, flower pots, and animal costumes) are famous all over the world, charming, and unforgettable. And in this adorable Infant Anne Geddes Bunny Costume, your baby will be too!

Awake or snoozing, she'll be the life of whichever Halloween party you take her to. But we know it might be hard to limit this costume to just one day of the year. Because it's comfortable and warm enough to be wearable on any occasion, whether that's out in public... or when you're home and just want to remind yourself that you live with your very own Anne Geddes star.

It's also east to get her into and out of. This little jumpsuit zips up in the front, has a hood with bunny ears attached, and comes complete with furry feet, paws for your baby's hands, and, maybe cutest of all, a fluffy white bunny tail to boot. It's easily the most adorable and memorable onesie on the market. And because it's an Anne Geddes costume, it's ideal for photos... whether they go up on Instagram or Facebook, or come out for show-and-tell when your little one is all grown up. So this Halloween, suit her up in the Infant Anne Geddes Bunny Costume!

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