Infant Boys Harry Potter Dressup Costume Overalls Promotions

Infant Boys Harry Potter Dressup Costume Overalls Promotions
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Wondrous Wizard Wear

Got a little wizard on your hands? If your child can't wait to start taking classes at Hogwarts and they're ready to cast some spells, it can be a little hard to know where to start! Do you sit around and wait for their Hogwarts acceptance letter? Do you try teaching them some alchemy yourself? Do you get them a full Hogwarts robe now? Well, this Harry Potter Dressup Costume makes it easier than ever to start gearing up your little wizard-to-be!

These officially licensed overalls give any child the option to dress up like their favorite character from the Harry Potter movies!

Product Details

This Harry Potter dressup costume is a comfy, infant-sized, cosplay outfit. It comes with a simple jumpsuit that captures the look of Harry Potter's outfit from the movies. The grey suit is made out of a comfortable cotton and polyester blend and fits with a simple zipper in the front. The front even has a printed necktie and a Hogwarts patch on the chest to help your little one look like the newest student at Hogwarts! This cute outfit works as a great cosplay outfit, or as a comfy way to lounge around on a lazy, weekend afternoon.

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