Infant Buntington Lucky Lobster Costume Promotions

Infant Buntington Lucky Lobster Costume Promotions
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One Lucky Lobster

Being a lobster can be tough. Just ask any lobster, they’ll tell you what it’s like. They start life scuttling around the seafloor, minding their own business. They never see the lobster pots, but all of a sudden, they’re lifting through the water and into cold air. It only gets tougher from there. We shudder to think about their short stays in shallow tanks, making friends with other displaced lobsters only to be separated from their home (again). And, well… you’ve seen the tanks at restaurants, you know where the poor lobsters end up.

We rescued the little crustacean you see here from one of those grey, overcrowded restaurant tanks. See, this little one was just too sweet to leave to their fine-dining fate. We named them Lucky and got attached quick. Unfortunately, we don’t have a great place to keep Lucky at the office. They are going to need a quiet place to take naps, molt their first exoskeleton, and get bigger—the office is prone to excitement with all the other visiting animals, portal hopping, and click-clacking keyboards, it’s just not the right place for an infant lobster.

Product Details

Would you be interested in adopting a lobster? If you can get past Lucky's bug-like body, they’re pretty cute. Look at their bright red, and surprisingly soft, shell. And their velvety-looking belly makes it hard not to snuggle this little lobster, which is slowing productivity. We’d appreciate it if you would give this cuddly, bright-eyed crustacean a good home. They shouldn’t be too much work; all Lucky does is lay around most of the day. You’ll have to feed them, of course, but they’ll be nice and warm in their lobster shell, well until they molt and easily crawl out the left side.

Lucky Needs a Home

Alright, we need to confess something. We do enjoy a good lobster tail with a side of butter and a pile of potatoes. But this Infant Buntington Lobster looked like they could use a break. So, now it’s your turn to make sure Lucky stays lucky. Plus, we can’t guarantee that someone from our necromancy department won’t find some spooky potion that requires lobster legs or something. After all our work getting this sweetie to safety, we’d hate to see them just end up in a different boiling pot.