Infant Buntington Sparkling Sea Horse Costume Promotions

Infant Buntington Sparkling Sea Horse Costume Promotions
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Adventure Of a Lifetime

Want to know a secret? There are certain things you just don't outgrow. This might include the love of ice cream orr a sense of awe when you see a rainbow in the sky. Loving the idea of living under the sea is one of these things. Don't be shy. We totally get it. When you were little maybe you pretended to be a mermaid, sunbathing on rocks with your legs to the side, pretending you had a fin and swimming whenever you could. And as you got older, that fascination might have transferred to sunken ships or sea creatures or the mysteries of deep-sea geology but a deep love of the ocean is still thriving in you to this day. Now, your little one might not be old enough to swim or even say "sea turtle" but that doesn't mean they can't start celebrating the ocean with you. After all, what does a life long adventure mean if it doesn't start from the very beginning?

Product Details

Whether you're heading to an under-the-sea party or a Halloween event, this adorable sea horse costume is sure to get plenty of "oohs" and "awws". The bunting-style costume makes it easy to change your kiddo, with buttons down the side for quick diaper access. The fleece material is designed to keep babies warm in brisk October weather while the sparkly accent and fins with give your babe's look an instant tropical look. The costume is topped off with a plush, sculpted sea horse head with large eyes and a fishy mane down the back.

Featured Creature

If you're looking for an unexpected yet adorable costume for your baby, this soft and cuddly costume is a great choice. Let older sibling take their pick of sea creatures both real and mythical when it comes to sea creatures, we've got plenty of choices for you and yours to take a deep dive!

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