Infant Infantry Soldier Costume Promotions

Infant Infantry Soldier Costume Promotions
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As a parent you might believe your baby is too young for the Army. We get it, most of us waited until we could walk on our own before we learned to march. The thing is, all those years spent napping, sucking on a binky, and playing with a rattle could be spent getting valuable training in the nation's new Infant Infantry.

This new unit is, without question, the cutest unit in the Army to date. When a new infant recruit shows up to bootie camp they're expected to keep their cribs in ship-shape order. The drill sergeant should be able to flip a coin on those choo-choo train sheets. While typical boot camp for people over the age of two usually includes crawling through barbed wire and mud, babies in bootie camp usually are trained to simply crawl in formation. Luckily for the babies, all their projectile training involves is a bottle of milk and about ten minutes of tender back patting. Sure, this might not slow down an invading force but it would definitely mess up their uniforms, embarrassing them in front of their superiors.

Whether your little one is enrolling in baby boot camp or simply dressing up for a cute salute to the military members of your family, they're sure to make their country proud in this camo onesie. The ensemble easily comes off and on with touch fasteners down the front and snaps on the legs for easy diaper changes. Your little one will look official with the soft belt and collar and a soft-billed cap. In this new uniform your baby's typical "Goo Gah" will translate to the classic military "Oorah!".