Infant's Little Monkey Costume Promotions

Infant's Little Monkey Costume Promotions
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Monkey Business

You paid special attention to your baby’s reactions to each animal the first time you took them to the zoo. When you stopped at the hippos their eyes when wide, but the snoozing sunbathers didn’t keep your baby’s attention. The elephants got a couple of gibberish shouts and even a good-bye wave. And the lions seemed to confuse them; every emotion crossed their face and they looked at you as if asking to move on. Then you entered a primate house and the entire zoo experience took on a new tune.

The spider monkeys scampered up branches and your baby shrieked with laughter. Bright orange orangutans had your baby slapping their stroller tray and giggling like they’d been tickled. A huge gorilla placed its hand on the glass and your baby reached out too, smiling and cooing the whole time. When it was time to move on, it took a whole 5 minutes for your baby to wave and giggle a farewell to their new friends.

Product Details

Show off your baby’s love of monkeys with this Infant Monkey Costume. Whether you’re heading back to the zoo or taking them on their first trick-or-treating trip, this cozy jumpsuit will have them ready for the fun! Soft velour fabric makes the jumpsuit great for chilly Halloween adventures. Getting your baby dressed is made easy with hook and loop fastener strips down the back of the costume while inseam snap closures make diaper-access quick. The included hood has fiberfill stuffed ears and embroidered facial features. Fasten the hood under your baby’s chin and their monkey transformation will be complete!

Wildly Cute

Your baby will look so sweet in this Infant’s Little Monkey Costume that you’ll want to capture and put them on display for everyone to see—with pictures of course! So, get the camera ready and celebrate your little one’s first Halloween in this wildly cute ensemble!