Infant / Toddler Medieval Prince Costume Promotions

Infant / Toddler Medieval Prince Costume Promotions

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The Littlest Prince

What is it about baby and toddler clothes that makes them so fun? Parents, aunties and uncles, and family friends enjoy buying little outfits for the babes in their lives. It must be their size that makes them extra adorable. Something about those tiny shoes, sweaters, and dresses is just irresistable! And costumes are no different. Baby pumpkins? Wee pandas? Tiny ghosts? We are here for all of it! If you're like us, you're probably getting your little one more than one costume this year. Go the fantasy or historical route with this Infant and Toddler Medieval Prince Costume!

Product Details

This toddler costume comes with pants, tunic, crown, and tiny booties—everything you need to make your child royalty. The tunic is layered, with a patterned longsleeve under a faux fur vest and leather-like breastplate. Fortunately, these are all one piece and easily close at the back! The red pants have an elastic waistband for best fit. The boots are nice and squishy, slide on easily, and have anti-skid on the soles for safer travels. As for the crown, a bit of felt and elastic makes sure things are comfortable and secure.

To See the Realm

Every prince must travel their kingdom, meeting their citizens and receiving gifts. That sounds like parties and Halloween events to us! Your little royal will be delighted with the treats and festivities that come with being prince for a day. Whether it's a birthday party or trick or treating, this prince is ready for adventure!

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