Infant/Toddler Mischief Maker Costume Promotions

Infant/Toddler Mischief Maker Costume Promotions

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You Made This Gremlin

Chances are, you are a parent if you're looking at this costume. Whether you birthed that kid or not, the child is yours. While you love them to death, you have to admit that kids are capable of causing a whole lot of trouble! They are also capable of being super, super cute. That seems pretty similar to a Gremlin, in our opinion! Now your child can be one of these adorable but occasionally problematic creatures in this Infant/Toddler Mischief Maker Costume.

Product Details

This super soft jumpsuit is comfy for your child and simply designed for you! The brown and white suit has front snap closures, and the wrists, ankles, and hood edges have elastic to keep them in place. The hood has all the little Gremlin details. A small snout of foam sits on the forehead, and two dark eyes made of plastic rest above it. Best of all are the large, padded ears that stick out from either side. The look is completed with matching booties, which have anti-skid soles for safer mischief. If you're buying the 4-6 size, note that instead of booties, there are shoe covers with elastic fastenings instead!

You Make Mischief, Too

We all like to cause a little trouble, now and again. If you aren't a parent, and you're buying this for someone else's child, perhaps you should dress up as a Gremlin, too! You've certainly got that necessary spark of mischief in you—and we love it!