Infant Voodoo Baby Doll Costume Promotions

Infant Voodoo Baby Doll Costume Promotions

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Regular Price: $29.00

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Stick a Pin in It

So you decided to be a witch for Halloween. Sweet! Easy peasy, you can be a haggard and cruel witch and your baby can be… a cute Jack-o-lantern? A Turkey? An adorable little Marshmallow? No, no, no! They’re ruining Halloween! Your baby costume really needs to fit the aesthetic. C’mon. It’s not that hard.

As you sit by your newly muddied and blackened cauldron, stirring a strange mixture of herbs and animal parts you read about in some book... poof! An acrid blast of green smoke erupts from the pot and this wonderful Infant Voodoo Baby Doll Costume is thrust into your arms, all the while creepy laughter mocks you from beyond the veil. The voices sound almost human but not quite, as they urge you to take the costume as their "gift" to you, no strings attached...

You aren't sure at first, but the costume fits so perfectly… and they seemed like nice voices from the beyond. Sure, you’re no clairvoyant, but you can pretty much trust mystical occurrences like that. They were no doubt fully taken in by your on-point witch aesthetic! And besides, it helps to have friends on the other side.

Product Details

Aha! Here it is! The Infant Voodoo Baby Doll Costume! It’s perfect! It’s so cute, for one. Check out the little feeties and the smiling little face (not guaranteed for every baby). Second, it’s so gruesome! What is a better way to set off your witch costume than a baby with pins and needles (printed, of course) sticking out in all directions. The stitching and the frills really sell the whole thing.

Aches and Pains

Now that you’re ready to party in style, don’t be alarmed at the odd jab or pinch. If you feel a burning sensation, that’s normal. That’s all pretty common Voodoo stuff. Besides, witches can’t be bothered by small time magic like Voodoo. It’s bad form. This will be the best Halloween ever, one way or another!

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