Infants Adorable Viking Costume Promotions

Infants Adorable Viking Costume Promotions
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The most beloved of all the Norse deities wasn't Thor. He was pretty darned close, but nobody could hold a candle to Baldur. That's probably because the guy was so awesome that he literally glowed with huggable light. Seriously, he was so popular that his doting mother had no trouble asking just about everything in the cosmos to just be super nice to him. We're talking dogs, cats, sharks. Heck, even fire was like, "That kiddo is awesome!"

Of course, Loki is a mischief-maker and never could leave anything alone. But, the bad guys never win by the end of the story, so we're pleased to announce that everyone's favorite Viking is back to make the whole world smile. Turns out that your kiddo is every bit as special as you think he is and it is time to share the smile you have with the rest of existence. You can do that pretty easily by letting your little darling gear up in this Adorable Viking costume!


The whole team threw in for this one to make sure that this look would have the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. You'll have a gray minky hat styled after a horned helmet. The orange sherpa beard is attached to give your kiddo a soft but rugged beard. This shirt and pants are made of dark brown sherpa fabric to ensure warmth and comfort. The vest, which is attached to the shirt, is made of a light brown faux fur. Gotta keep your little Baldur-babe huggable!


Vikings might not usually be described as sweet and cuddly, but that all changes when you combine your kiddo and this snuggly Viking look. We're pretty sure that your kiddo is cute enough all on his own, but a ferocious Viking roar combined with minky and sherpa fabric never hurt the process!