Infants Lovable Kitten Costume Promotions

Infants Lovable Kitten Costume Promotions
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Kitty Love

If you stop to think about it, your little one and their pet kitty share a lot of similarities. They both make endearing non-human sounds when trying to communicate. They both love to nap the day away, cozied up and warm. They both love to chase things and play, but they also get immediately tired out afterward. And they both need you to...uh...clean up after them.

It seems obvious, then, that dressing your baby up as their favorite pet is a no-brainer for their first Halloween. In this Infant's Lovable Kitten Costume, your babe can stay cozy for trick-or-treating, while simultaneously sweeping the neighborhood off its feet with undeniably adorable sweetness. That's what happens when you opt for a Halloween mashup of two of the world's cutest things, babies and kittens! Don't be surprised if you catch your kiddo curled up next to their cat in the window, snoozing in a tight little ball and enjoying some sun—this costume is meant to capture both their imagination and your heart!

Design & Details

Our design team knows that if there is one thing new parents look forward to, it's their baby's first Halloween! That's why they created this uber-cute costume, to help you make the most of yours. This is a fun, exclusive twist on a classic little black cat costume—one your baby will squeal over (since it looks just like your pet tabby cat). It's comprised of a gray, fleecy jumper with mitts, booties, and an allover tabby-stripe pattern. Pink accents adorn the foot soles, ears, "paws," and tummy (in a heart shape, no less!). This is one costume your little one won't try to wriggle free from—in fact, you may have a hard time getting them to want to take it off!

Just Purr-fect

See? We told you we had a perfect first Halloween costume for your little kitten. Enjoy every moment of this momentous milestone—we suggest taking a picture, or a hundred.

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