Inuyasha-Kirara Beanie - Women's

Inuyasha-Kirara Beanie - Women's
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Demons Days

Demons cause a lot of problems for humans. You got your Naraku-types, who are trying to manipulate things behind the scenes. You've got Sesshomaru, who will stop at nothing to get stronger. And you've got the goofballs like Jaken, who might seem harmless, but can be just as troublesome as the more menacing demons out there. Finally, you have the entire army of strange demons looking to get their hands on the Shikon Jewel! That's why the world needs trustworthy demon hunters to keep the order... and every demon hunter needs a good sidekick!

Kirara acts as Songo's sidekick during the Inuyasha series, and hangs around with Setsuna later on. Now, Kirara can be your demon hunting pal when you wear this Inuyasha Kirara Beanie

Product Details

Whether you're making your own casual Inuyasha cosplay or you just want to keep your head warm while you battle against demons,t his Inuyasha beanie is the perfect choice. The hat is made out of knitted acrylic and has a fleece lining for comfort. The hat has yarn tassels on each side and comes with embroidered features on the front. Just toss it on and you'll feel a bit like Songo!

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