Jack O Lantern Treat Bag Promotions

Jack O Lantern Treat Bag Promotions
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It can be a tough decision. Your child is going to get a mega-haul this year. You picked out the perfect costume, so there’s no doubt that your child is going to be looking amazing! That just means that residents manning the candy bowl at their door are going to unload tons of candy in your child’s bag. We’re talking chocolate bars, gummy bears, candy corn, fruit chews, circus peanuts, and maybe even… full bars. The really tough decision is figuring out what bag you’re going to give your child to carry all of the candy!

You could give them a pillowcase. It’s classic, but it doesn’t fully capture Halloween spirit. How about this Jack O Lantern candy bag?

Product Details

This bright orange bag is a must-have addition to any costume, especially if your child is primed to bring in the motherlode this year! The bag is made out of plastic and features a printed image of a Jack O Lantern face on the sides. It has a pair of handles on the top for easy carrying.

All the Candy

Just set your child up with this Halloween bag and they’ll be ready to get ALL the candy (even full bars).