Jeweled Glitter Queen's Crown Promotions

Jeweled Glitter Queen's Crown Promotions
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The Golden Rule

What would you do if you ruled your very own kingdom? It's a lot of responsibility but we're sure there are ways to have fun out there. Your rule would be absolute when it came down to it, a crown like this doesn't spell out a fair democratic society. We're sure your reign would be quite a lot of fun though. Maybe you'd refill all the city fountains with Champagne. Maybe you'd divert the military budget and start a mini-pony reality show. Who wants to fight a country that is providing the world with that level of entertainment? Or, who knows, perhaps you'd simply use your influence to gain access to endless free tacos. No matter what might happen, we're confident you'd get plenty of fun from your power.

Product Details

This unique crown wraps around the back of your head and secures to your head with an elastic band and jewel in the center. Use this crown to top off royal looks, a ballerina costume, or a bachelorette party ensemble.

Ready to Get Regal

Are you ready to head into royal society? We think you'll make a great queen. Life is sure to be a lot more fun when you're on the throne. We won't hold our breath for you to bless our population with a law that bans us from chores on Friday nights but good things are bound to happen when you're wearing this crown!