Kid's Grecian Toga Costume Promotions

Kid's Grecian Toga Costume Promotions
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It's Toga Time

You know, some kids just don't want to learn about history. After all, a lot of historical figures look pretty stuffy and some of them wear those white powdery wigs that make them look pretty boring. Not the Ancient Greeks! They're a ton more fun than many of those boring old figures from history.

The Greeks had a rich history of powerful gods and goddesses, courageous heroes like Hercules, and last but not least, some really comfy and cool attire. Yes, the Greek toga is not only fun to wear, but it's also comfortable and gives any child the look of a Greek god! Your child might just enjoy learning about history a little more when they wear this kid's Grecian toga costume. Tell your child to get ready for toga time!

Product Details

This simple costume comes with a toga that has a pullover, tunic-style fit. It has some Greek-style patterns above the hemline and a matching belt that fits with a fastener in the back. The toga comes with 2 different drapes, including a light blue one and a red one, so your child can customize their ancient world look. Finally, the headband puts the finishing touch to the look. The shimmering gold headband has a laurel design and fits around your child's head with an elastic band. It'll help your child look like a leader of the ancient world, like Julius Caesar!

Mythology Made Real!

Your child will be ready to dive into Greek mythology with this toga costume! Whether they decide to dress up like Hercules, or a Greek goddess like Athena, then this simple costume is a great place to start. Just pair it up with a few of our Greek and Roman accessories to get a look straight from the ancient world!

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