Kid's Newsboy Cap Promotions

Kid's Newsboy Cap Promotions
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Oh to be a child selling newspapers on the streets of New York! The singing! The charming ribbing! The hats! What's that you say? We've seen too many musicals and have romanticized the Newsboy profession? Well, that makes sense. We're sure it was a hard life. But these kids had such a great way of talking so they must have been having some sort of fun. For instance, if you had to sand the trap, you just had to stop off somewhere. And if you were dreamin' through a pipe, you had made a mistake. We're going to try using some of this lingo in our real lives but first, we're going to slip one of these Newsboys caps on our head so people know what vibe we're going for. New York, here we come!

Design & Details

This Made By Us tweed Newsboy cap is perfect for topping off a variety of historical looks. The mini visor has a stiff brim to make it easy to toss into the air at the height of a song. With a head circumference of twenty-two inches, it's sized to fit kids. Pair this with an adorable tweed jacket or a button-up with suspenders, and your child will be ready to sell some papers!

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