Kid's The Smurfs Smurf Costume Promotions

Kid's The Smurfs Smurf Costume Promotions
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Brainy Smurf or Hefty Smurf?

What kind of Smurf are your kids? Are they like Brainy Smurf, the smartest cookie in the bunch? Are they like Hefty Smurf, the toughest of them all? Maybe they're a little more like Handy Smurf, the Mr. Fix-It of the village! On some days, maybe they even sound a little more like Grouchy Smurf. Maybe they're a real butterfingers, just like Clumsy Smurf! Maybe they even tell some pretty good jokes like the clever and hilarious Jokey Smurf! Well, whichever Smurf your little one is most like, this Kid's Smurf Costume is the perfect outfit for them to wear, since they can use it to become any Smurf they choose! It's just one of our many exclusive costumes!

Design & Details

This Kid's Smurf Costume is officially licensed from the iconic cartoon series. Our costume designers are huge fans of those goofy little blue dudes, so they had a fun time creating this outfit! It comes with everything needed to transform into their favorite character from Smurf Village. The costume starts with a long sleeved shirt that comes in the light blue color of the Smurfs. The white pants have elastic in the waist to provide a comfortable fit, but the best part about this costume has to be the hat! Every Smurf, from Papa Smurf all the way down to Baby Smurf, wears that slightly curled hat! This costume brings your child a simple white hat that mimics the look from the show.

Smurfs of all Kinds

Want to introduce your child to the wide world of Smurfs? Or perhaps your child is obsessed with the latest Smurfs movie! Either way, this Kid's Smurf Costume is the perfect way to get your child looking like one of the little blue dudes from the series.

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