Kids Toga Costume Promotions

Kids Toga Costume Promotions
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Tog-about a Great Outfit

Sometimes, it's hard to think of people in the past as real, breathing people. Old paintings and busts of Roman citizens seem frigid and solemn. But the Romans were people, too! People who ate and cried and gossiped about their neighbors. And we do know that the Romans loved to party. They were really good at it! Their fancy, crazy menus are the stuff of legend. Maybe that's why toga parties exist. But who says you to have to wait until college to go to a toga party? There are kid-friendly ways to have a good time in this classic attire. It's time to party, ancient Rome style, in this Kids Toga Costume!

Product Details

Traditional togas were huge; yards and yards of fabric, carefully folded and tucked, would form the ceremonial Roman wear. They were honestly kind of hard to walk in, we think. But not this one! This 100% polyester tunic is all one piece, too, but with a lot less fabric. Simply pull it on over the head. Even the sweeping red shawl is attached to the main piece! This white toga also features a black and gold, paisley-like trim above the bottom and sleeve hems. To look extra regal, use the included headband. Its golden leaves add that extra touch of Roman style.

Party Like It's 200 A.D.

In this toga, your child can choose to be a powerful figure, like Julius Caesar, or they can opt to be a normal, unnamed person from the past. Either way, your child will be ready to party, trick or treat, and dance with friends and family. The past may seem far away, but with this costume, it is easier to see how real those people once were. Now, would anyone like a flamingo tongue? It's a delicacy!