Kids Viking Barbarian Costume Promotions

Kids Viking Barbarian Costume Promotions
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Longhouse Lifestyle

It's dinner time in the longhouse. The longhouse is lit with a central fire. There are long fur-lined benches along the sides of the thick turf walls. Lamps fueled with cod liver oil and cottongrass also add extra light to the family dinner. The family circles around eating a thick stew of carrots, potatoes, and wild game, dipping bread into the steaming bowl while sipping on buttermilk or mead.

When you dress your little one in this fur-accented costume, you can be sure he'll look right at home sipping from a bowl in a long-house. Who knows what other Viking skills he'll pick up. Viking boys were expected to learn to take care of themselves from an early age. Learning to start fires, take care of animals, and handle boats and farm animals was an important part of their schooling. But most of all, they'd have to learn to work together. Because someday, these Viking kids would have to learn to join the shield wall!

Product Details

Even the toughest berserker will have to respect your kiddo when he's wearing this ensemble! The look includes a Nordic print trimmed tunic that's attached to a sharp light blue cloak. When finished off with the matching faux fur trimmed boot toppers, he'll look like a timeless tough guy, ready to set sail.

Teamwork makes Schemes Work

Is your kiddo ready to get in touch with his warrior spirit? Or maybe he simply wants to sample dried fish. Whatever his reasons for dressing in costume, you can customize this look with the accessories found in our catalog. From axes to helmets, you've got plenty of options. And of course, being a Viking is all about teamwork. Find sizes for the whole family to build your friendly neighborhood shield wall.