Kids Viking Helmet Promotions

Kids Viking Helmet Promotions
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One cannot be expected to get into Valhalla with puny headgear! After boldly sailing into treacherous and unknown seas, setting up outposts and colonies in places where nothing should survive, and fighting victoriously in too many battles to count, your little viking needs an equally bold cap to go with their status!

We're not sure what fashions are in style right now, but horns and spikes are always a hit in a viking longhouse. That's why gearing your kid up with this Viking Helmet is always a fine choice to go with their viking look! This molded latex helmet is inspired by the type of headgear worn into battle by those seafaring Norse explorers of olden days, and features molded spikes and ridged horns on the sides. And even though the belief that vikings worn horns on their helmets has long been disproved, it will still give your little warrior's costume some mighty flair!