Kingdom Hearts Shooting Star Keyblade Promotions

Kingdom Hearts Shooting Star Keyblade Promotions
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Time for a Magic Upgrade

If you're planning on hunting down the Heartless and saving the world (yet again), you definitely need the right weapon at your side. Since you've already mastered the Keyblade and proven your might, all you need to do next is get the right keychain to bring your ultimate spells to bear. Now, normally you'd have to go hang out with Remy for a good long while to earn a Keyblade that can muster your magical mojo, but we've got some connections that can help you double-jump your way to success.

Product Details

It's time to do a spin and raise this officially licensed Shooting Star Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts III. This molded prop is carefully designed after the looks of one of the most popular weapons from the Kingdom Hearts franchise. The flowing shaft of the 'blade' looks like a gleaming golden star flying to the heavens and the oversized grip is perfect for one or two-handed fun.

Inspire the Other Heroes

Keep on a lookout for the other chosen Keyblade wielders so you have the best chance against the Heartless wandering through the world. Pick up some of our other Keyblade props to complete the prophecy or just focus on saving the world on your own. (You are Sora, after all!)

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