Koala Bear Toddler Costume Promotions

Koala Bear Toddler Costume Promotions

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Un-Bear-ably Cute

Did you know that koala bears are not really bears at all? Yep, koala bear is just a sweet name someone decided to give this arboreal marsupial (there's a mouthful!). Living exclusively in the eucalyptus forests of Australia, koalas are unique animals with fascinating habits...kind of like your toddler, huh? In fact, if you look closely, you may find your child shares a surprising number of qualities with these sweet animals.

Your kid is cuddly (check!), loves to climb (check!), can stay outside in the tree in your yard all afternoon without wanting to come down (check!), and is also partial to a very limited diet (mac n' cheese, please!). See? You have a little koala on your hands! But there's only one way to be sure: try this Koala Bear Toddler Costume on them and see if they come to life within its cozy confines. No one said raising a little koala would be easy, but then again, can it really be harder than raising a toddler?

Design & Details

Our costume studio carefully designed this product exclusively for the little koala lover in your family. It comprises a cuddly gray jumpsuit with a lighter gray belly patch and a convenient front zipper. The hood pulls up over your tot's head to produce a very cute koala, complete with tufted round ears! Your kid will stay cozy for trick-or-treating or a chilly day spent in their favorite tree. Mitts and shoe covers are designed to conceal your child's human hands and feet and complete their koala-fication. Just make sure your neighbors understand that this is a very special koala who likes to eat things other than eucalyptus—specifically candy bars and lollipops—you don't want them coming home empty handed!

Trick or Tree-t

If you really want to create a cute costume, rustle up a tree costume and accompany your kiddo. That way, when they get tired and need to be carried, they'll look right at home in their native habitat!

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