LA Catrina Full-Face Mask Promotions

LA Catrina Full-Face Mask Promotions
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Can't Sugar Coat It

Sugar skull makeup seems pretty straightforward. All you need is a solid white-painted base to start, black face paint to darken your eyes, nose, and cheeks, then bright colors to add some flowers and details. You’re handy with a paintbrush, and doing your everyday makeup hasn’t been a problem. But, for some reason, when you try drawing a flower around your eyes and a cobweb above your brows, things get interesting. Like uneven eyeliner taken to the tenth degree, your petals and lines don’t match up. And while you’re not looking for perfection, you don’t want to look like you let a toddler experiment with lipstick all over your face.

Product Details

Save yourself some time and frustration with this La Catrina Full-Face Mask! This easy-to-wear accessory takes the makeup out of your hands and gives you the sugar skull artistry you’ve been craving. The white skull and colorful floral details have a distressed look provided by an all-over texture and grey shading. All you’ll need to add is some black face paint or eyeshadow to darken your lids. Paired with your LA Catrina costume, this mask will have you ready for Day of the Dead in no time at all!

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