Ladie's Referee Shirt - Women's

Ladie's Referee Shirt - Women's
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You Call the Shots

You won’t tolerate it. Not on your field. No foul play. No game violations. No cheating. You’ll blow the whistle on any of that. You’ll give them a yellow card. You might even hand them a red card if it keeps up. Why? Because you’re the toughest referee around and messing around when you’re on duty is going result in a penalty.

If you’re ready to take to the field, then you’re going to need the uniform of a true referee. Now, you can easily get the look when you wear this exclusive referee shirt for women!

Product Details

This women’s referee shirt is a classic button up style with black piping on the sleeves. It also has a matching black color. Of course, it has the classic black and white striped design that all referees are known for. Just pair it up with a pair of black pants, or a black skirt to bring the whole look together!

Straight to the Penalty Box

When you wear this referee shirt, you can start calling ALL of the shots. At the nest basketball game, you can issue a warning for double dribbling. At the next soccer game, you can send a naughty player to the penalty box!