Large Gear Propeller Necklace Promotions

Large Gear Propeller Necklace Promotions
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Form and Function

It’s always good to be prepared! Everyone is advised to keep jumper cables in their car. Some people keep snacks in their purses or nail clippers in their pockets. Some of these items are both cute and useful, like that hair clip that can also open boxes, or a pair of chunky heels that you can hide stuff in. Life is certainly more fun when the things you need also look nice. That’s why you can get boring things like towels in thousands of different colors and prints. (No offense to any towel lovers out there!)

Product Details

When you’re in a world run by steam and you need something cute and functional, look no further than this Large Gear Propeller Necklace! Its multi-metal finish will match any steampunk costume. The toggle closure looks like a gear as well, and will make removing it super easy in case you need a quick repair!

Extra Excitement

We love items that are cute and convenient! If you need to round out a steampunk costume but also want to be ready to repair any gear, this Large Gear Propeller Necklace is for you. Whether it’s for a costume or just your aesthetic, this necklace goes great with our other steampunk accessories!