Lego Ninjago Sword Promotions

Lego Ninjago Sword Promotions
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A Captivating Combination

There seem to be a list of historical or fictional figures that most kids just think are cool. Almost every child, at some point in their lives, is interested in pirates, knights, pharaohs, ninjas, princesses, cowboys, or the ancient cultures they come from. Ninjas are at the top of the list for a lot of kiddos. Warriors that are careful and sneaky are a fascinating contrast to the bold combat styles of many other cultures. Now combine those warriors with the concept of LEGO sets and children can’t get enough. (Makes sense to us!) Lloyd Garmadon, the legendary Green Ninja, uses this cool sword for many of his adventures, and now your child can be the hero of their own story with it too!

Product Details

If your kid is a fan of the show or the playsets, this LEGO Ninjago sword will go great with their Lloyd costume! They can perfect their Spinjitzu with this plastic sword like the one that Lloyd wields in season 8 of the show, complete with the ornamental gold tassel. He can swing his sword so fast that you can barely see it, and we’re sure your child will be just as proficient with a little practice. (We recommend hiding any antique vases first, though.)

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