Light Up Christmas Bulb Earrings Promotions

Light Up Christmas Bulb Earrings Promotions
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light up the night

Sometimes attire can have more utility than providing warmth or mere aesthetics. Just imagine, for a moment, the host of your Christmas party is about to set their enormous dinner table for all the guests, when an earthquake knocks out all the power in the area. Now your huge feast, including the hot roast beast, is sitting there in the dark -- with no utensils out to dig in!

That's where you come in with your extra-utilitarian accessories: these Light Up Christmas Bulb Earrings! They'll light the way for you to save the day. Or, of course, none of that could happen and these things will just snatch the attention of all the party-goers.

product details

This Light Up Christmas Bulb Earrings are a fun addition to your winter wardrobe. The earrings do require cell batteries, but they are included. Bring additional joy to your next holiday gathering with the Christmas Lights Necklace. Add some eggnog, holiday tunes, and candy canes to bolster the atmosphere further!

winter hero

If anything goes seriously awry you will be counted on to save the day with your bright new accessories. Feel free to thank us later!

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