Luna Plush Bag Sailor Moon Promotions

Luna Plush Bag Sailor Moon Promotions

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Sailor Powers Await

Usagi Tsukino (or Serena depending on the dub you like to watch) owes a whole lot to this little kitty! Luna helps her awaken to her inherent Sailor Moon powers. Without Luna, Usagi may have just stayed a normal teenager who flunks her math tests on the regular!

Well, if Luna can do that for Usagi, perhaps this little Luna Plush Bag can help you awaken your inner Sailor Senshi powers... or at the very least it can carry a few of your necessities with you on your next trip to the mall!

Product Details

Based on the helpful, and adorable, kitty from the Sailor Moon anime series, this Luna Plush Bag recreates the character in a soft, squeezable form! It features 3-D ears, appliqued details in the face and a pair of adjustable shoulder straps, so you can take her with you anywhere. Of course, it has a secret pouch in the back of the head, so she can even carry a few of your necessities with you on your next journey.

Sailor Moon Cosplay Bag

If you're planning on cosplaying as Sailor Moon, then who better to bring with you than Luna? This bag helps you put that finishing touch on your Sailor Moon look!

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