Marvels Captain America Shield Shaped Tin Tote Promotions

Marvels Captain America Shield Shaped Tin Tote Promotions
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More Practical than a Real Shield

Think about it. Shields, while totally awesome, just aren’t that practical in everyday situations. You might be dreaming of having your own vibranium alloy shield like Captain America, but where would you actually use it? It’s not like Red Skull is attacking you on a regular basis and the Winter Soldier isn’t taking potshots at you with his machine gun, thank goodness! Perhaps, instead of getting a shield, you could get something that has the same cool factor as Captain America’s shield, but has more usability in your everyday life!

Product Details

This Captain America Shield Shaped tote is designed to look just like the weapon wielded by the Marvel superhero, except you can use it as a lunchbox! It has the red, white, and blue color scheme, it’s made out of tin, and it even has a handy plastic handle on the top. It also has a metal latch on the top, letting you firmly secure it closed. That means that your lunch will stay inside even if The Winter Soldier does attack you.

Perfect for Hero Work

You can pair this up with any Captain America costume, or outfit your child with this tin tote as their official treat carrying box!